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Who is Pastor Korede Komaiya? Pastor Korede Omoyemi Komaiya is his real full name but is widely and fondly known as Pastor K.K. is a famous Nigerian pastor, founder and lead Pastor of The Master’s Place International Church. Pastor Korede Komaiya is known to be a man of multiple graces, an apostle of reformation, a motivational speaker, and an insightful teacher, who has a vision to reform, rebuild, and restore humanity.

Pastor Korede Komaiya is a man who has the vision to solve important problems and help the helpless. He is known to be the most sought-after speaker in churches, seminars, and conferences internationally.


Pastor Korede Komaiya happens to be the facilitator of “Business Summit” a business conference that empowers and helps to eradicate poverty and make the poor rich.
Pastor Korede Komaiya is a consultant, and adviser on church growth, business growth, and global issues. He is also a philanthropist, with a special mission to care for Leprosy patients, blind centers, prostitutes, destitute, and orphanages.

Date of Birth and Age

How old is Pastor Korede Komaiya? Pastor Korede Komaiya was born on September 4, 1970, and is currently 53 years old as of 2023.

Pastor KK Birthday

Pastor Korede Komaiya is among the popular Nigerian pastors born in September. Pastor Korede Komaiya celebrates his birthday every year in September. He will celebrate his 53rd, birthday on September 4, 2023.

Pastor Korede Komaiya State Of Origin

Which state is Pastor Korede Komaiya from? Pastor Korede Komaiya originally hails from Warri, Delta State in the south southern part of Nigeria.

Marriage, Married, Wife

Is Pastor Korede Komaiya married? Pastor Korede Komaiya got married to his beautiful wife Esther Komaiya, who pastors with him in 1997 and they are blessed with four boys.


Pastor Korede Komaiya Children

Pastor Korede Komaiya and his Wife, Esther are blessed with four lovely children, namely; Isaac, Joshua, David, and Daniel.



Wedding Anniversary

Pastor Korede Komaiya and wife have been married for over 26 years now and they are happily enjoying their marriage. Pastor Korede Komaiya and his wife always celebrate their wedding anniversary.

His Career

Pastor Korede Komaiya began his ministry in the 90s as a young child, whose love of God is immense. He is the lead Pastor of The Master’s Place International Church. He is also known as a motivational speaker.


Pastor Korede Komaiya Contact

Pastor Korede is very active on social media and you can always contact him via the following social media profiles below;
INSTAGRAM PAGE: @Koredekomaiya
TWITTER PAGE: @KoredeKomaiya
FACEBOOK PAGE: Pst. Korede Komaiya


Pastor Korede Komaiya Private Jet

Pastor Korede Komaiya buys privately to continue the works of God across the whole country in the world.
The excited pastor took to his social media handle to announce the acquisition of his private jet, sharing a picture of himself with the caption, “In 1996 preaching under a butcher” and “Now 2021 in a private jet”
“This was me in 1996 preaching with vigour, power, and grace under a batcher at N’jamena Tchad and now 2021 in a private jet.”
“We did not arrive here by accident. The entirety of my life has been a walk of faith and consistent practice of the covenant. The covenant works!”

His Net Worth

Pastor Korede is one of the prominent pastors in Nigeria, rated one of the richest and most influential pastors in Nigeria and Africa, with an estimated net worth of about $12 Million US dollars.


Pastor Korede Komaiya’s Wife, Esther Biography

Who is Pastor Esther Korede Komaiya? Pastor Esther Korede Komaiya her real full name as Esther Omotayo Komaiya is the wife of a popular Nigerian Pastor and senior pastor of The Master’s Place International Church.
Esther Komaiya is the Deputy Presiding Pastor of The Master’s Place International Church; a cutting-edge ministry with a mandate to raise an army of reformers that will influence life positively, by Reforming, Rebuilding, and Restoring humanity and the planet Earth to glory, honour and dignity.



She is an economist by training, an insightful teacher whose simplicity in communication has brought deep knowledge to the fore in its most understandable form. Her passion for her family, teenagers, youth and the less privileged has birthed two Non-Governmental Organizations.
She was born on April 5, 1970 and is currently 50 years old as of 2021. She celebrated her 50th birthday in April 5, 2021.
Her Instagram account is @Estherkomaiya




The oil is the physical emblem for releasing the power of the Holy Spirit. The favor and blessing you enjoy depends on the level of your anointing.
1. Anointing gives supernatural help that makes the anointed mighty.
2. The anointing empowers the anointed for supernatural lifting.
3. The anointing makes the anointed to be located; it is the power to be chosen, to be preferred and to be appointed.
4. The anointing establishes the anointed.
5. The anointing gives the anointed supernatural strength.
6. The anointing empowers the anointed for uncommon victory. It is impossible to exact harm upon the anointed.
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11. The anointing causes the anointed to always be at the top.
12. The anointing empowers the anointed for unusual productivity and blessings in oceanic order. The anointing empowers the anointed to Breakforth, Breakout and Breakthrough.
Everything is in the anointing! Protection, wisdom and vengeance against the enemy.



“People today run helter-skelter trying to make ends meet without success all because they fail to engage relevant principles that makes for success.
Giving sacrificially is the pathway to power for a total change of story. These are dynamics of life! Until you know sacrifice, you will be sacrificed. If a battle is fierce and continuous, then you require continual sacrifice until you see its end.
A sacrifice is in the cost. It is in that which is costly to you. Greatness is sacrifice produced. You can’t be great until you understand sacrifice.
Sacrifice is the catalyst for the next level. If you can’t sacrifice for what you want, then your wants become the sacrifice”.




“In a world where massive failures are habitually blamed on witches, hexes and jinxes, I presented a total turnaround counsel for those who must achieve great dreams. There is a way folks go about big dreams that make them end in destruction. Up till this day, assumption remains the lowest class of knowledge people work with, and it never gets anyone anywhere. There are sure ways to achieving great dreams.
Every dreamer is the main capital for his dream.  Every visionary is the main capital for his vision. Understand that there is actually no lack of money anywhere. To build great dreams, you don’t actually need money first. You need the right personality that opportunities will gravitate towards. Be efficient, Be productive, Be resourceful, and you will attract resources.
Your capacity is your capital. Develop capacity to solve problems. Create value that the world will go for. Develop a better you. A better you, therefore, is the real capital. A better you will get the job done. Prove yourself to be more capable. Capacity is life and this is what increases your favour level. Be excellent, be reliable, earn trust. For being efficient with little, you suddenly find yourself earning more.
Have this incurable belief in meritocracy. Let nothing committed into your hand ever be associated with mediocrity. Never allow yourself be seen as a non performer. You must show that you can perform better than others.
There is really no lack of money; it is people that are not efficient enough!  Some of us need to change the company we keep. You need to change your mentality and upgrade your mind. Be the type that always sees a way forward, that always sees opportunity in difficulties”.



“We are at a definite threshold of destiny. Lots of folks are dying with their big dreams. This morning I executed my divine mandate over lives, with a generational journey into deep dynamics of dreams, visions and ideas. I am not preaching mere theories, but  the nitty-gritties of FINANCING  GREAT DREAMS.
Real dreams that originate from God  have this characteristic of being in sync with God’s size, not yours! Dreams come in exceptionally big sizes so the dreamer grows to meet up with it.
1. Start small with what you have and where you are. Having a dream the size of an elephant does not mean that you must swallow one! The big dream begins by starting small. Thousands want big businesses without starting small. Those that start big must shrink small. It is only the grave that starts from the top. Never be afraid to start small.
2. Upgrade your belief system – Money flows in the direction of your faith. Eliminate all thoughts of lack, scarcity and insufficient funds . Believe that there is fund enough for financing your dreams. Don’t join the many who give up easily on their dreams not knowing that their faith is the primary capital. You believing is your becoming. Without faith, you can’t achieve anything monumental on planet earth.
3. Go for wisdom – Wisdom is a key builder. Wisdom is a non-negotiable essential. Knowledge will give you broad array of options, but wisdom is knowing the specific step to take per time: the one that is right for the moment. Life’s situations are so complex that it takes wisdom to tackle and disarm the vicissitudes of life.
4. The Favor Factor – You need God’s hand of favor to rest upon you, in order to have your life flavored. Helpers gravitate towards you when an aura of favor is on you. Only God can make all you do to succeed and flourish in your hand. The God factor is the cardinal factor. If the finger of God is missing, the finger of the enemy becomes visible”.



“What you don’t have reveals what you don’t have capacity for, and what you lose is what you can’t manage. Management is pivotal to the sustainability of humanity and the planet earth; it is the greatest miracle on earth.
There are doors that will never be opened; opportunities that will never reveal themselves; destiny relationships that will slip off once management is lacking. There are certain blessings you can’t possess in life if adequate managament capacity has not been built.
Management position is the greatest position any mortal man can be entrusted with and at every cadre of life, family and business, management is vital.
Work places depend on the strength of those in management positions to influence, lead, inspire, motivate and chart new courses. A Good Management determines the strength of the work place.
Management is ‘coordination’ and ‘administration’ of tasks to achieve a goal. It also includes setting up organization’s strategy and coordinating efforts of staffs to accomplish these objectives.
It is impossible to be an Effective Manager without certain skill-sets in place, without which, one becomes a ‘Killer’. The death of any organization, team and business starts at the point of an Unskilled Manager. Remove ‘S’ from Skill, you have Kill.
Skill is not wished for, neither is it a gift, it is consciously acquired, cultivated and built overtime under mentorship.
Your life can experience a great shift; your business can chart profitable paradigms; your productive output can be topnotch if you can Manage Effectively”.


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